A Letter to My Sisters and My Brothers

You connect with God in your being by the manifestation of The Spirit of Love, inside and around you, coming from and received by you.

December 2019

Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

We are nearing the celebrated day of the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ, who’s earthly mission was to save humans, men and women, from their destructive ways. In his time, many horrific evils were commonplace, and the enemy of the Spirit had substantial control over the hearts of man, but not of all.

Jesus proclaimed, for the first time in man’s history from cave dwellers to highly effective thinking beings, that God was not only real, but an entity independent of all cultural descriptors and limitations. His presence is evermore from the beginning to the end, and most importantly, in each present age experienced by persons of that age.

Jesus preached a single truth that all other truths come under, that is the universality of the power of what is called Love. Unfortunately, the word developed varying meanings that confound a rightful understanding of what the reality of Love is.

The Spirit of Love, as Jesus preached, is Gods immeasurable power in the universe. It is of no consequence to Love where you come from, what language you speak, any differences between man, or what name you give to God. For words are not what you worship, nor the source of Gods power. Love is the glorious energy direct from God.

“The Word of God,” as it is often said, means to focus the will and attention on the concepts and way of life that lead to a genuine understanding of God and His Love. Once living in harmony with The Spirit of Love, words are less valuable and evaporate in the presence of God. Only your experience with and of God are of importance.

Jesus preached “Love will conquer all.” For the Spirit of Love is the weapon against all negative forces. To wield, it must come from and through you and connect with every molecule on earth and extend beyond the boundaries of our planet. You connect with God in your being by the manifestation of The Spirit of Love, inside and around you, coming from and received by you.

The Spirit of Love is not an emotion. It is a state of being. It ignites beautiful emotions, but that is only the reaction to Love, not the Spirit of Love itself, often the two are confused. People mistakenly seek the emotions instead of the energy that causes the emotions. It cannot be given to you by any person. The Spirit of Love is direct from God and wholly personal. No matter the circumstances, it is always present if you choose to accept it. The Spirit of Love is for all.

Fortify and trust it, my sisters and my brothers. It is the truest wisdom shared by all who come to understand. It has been shared for thousands of years, enduring the evilest of sufferings to protect it from all attempts at abolishing it. The enemy of God and this world conspires to confuse the mind and soul of man and replace the Spirit of Love with its opposite. When hate manifests, the enemy makes good his promise to destroy.

Release your misconceptions of what the Spirit of Love is. Strip away all your cultural biases that mislabel or deceive your understanding. It is simple and pure, like water, which is why water is often used as a metaphor for Love. Water is the foundation of life on earth, true for all living beings, so too, Love is the foundation for the soul and life beyond our earthly bodies.

In our real and natural world, God is neither a religion nor a philosophy. God is the living entity that tethers all things. His Spirit of Love is a real force in the universe, just as light, just as gravity, just as heat.

Jesus understood the limitations of the human mind and spirit, but also its potential to connect with the Spirit of Love. When you remove all biases, you come to the foundation of Jesus’ teachings, that is, The Way to receiving the Spirit of Love. We must share Love without limits, to each and every being that exists, friend or foe, on this earth or beyond. The Spirit of Love is limitless, as we all must be.

All God’s blessings be upon you in this season of hope.

Pastor Robert Perez

ARTWORK: “La promesse de l’amour éternel”, 2016 – Mixed-Media on Wood – 24 x 24 x .5 inches

Copyright ©2016 Artist Robert Perez – All Rights Reserved.

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