Who am I?

I’m somewhat fractured into parts like Frankenstein’s monster with a pesky Jekyll and Hyde personality split.

By Pastor Robert Perez

Who would have thought that being an artist and a Pastor could be so divisive, not in the material world, but in the mind.

Who am I today? At this moment? Acerbic artist or loving (but sometimes acerbic) Pastor?

At times, it’s torture fluctuating between the two, more so as the years cascade and time accelerates with age. I’ve spoken about this before.

I previously stated that I’m an artist first with Pastor in the back seat (so to speak), but I can’t uphold that description anymore because my philosophies and devotion to God are too intrinsically woven into every image I produce, piece that I write, and words that I speak.

My philosophies vary and I carefully avoid contradictions as best I can. Yet, there’s a cohesion that forms an overall philosophical position that taken as a whole delivers a larger intent, regardless of the subject matter. Same for my art.

I’m also a man of earth, and as such I’m engaged in the times I live (for the most part).

I don’t have the credentials of a degree in anything. I’ve studied philosophy, film and acting in college. As an artist, I’m emphatically proud to say that I’m completely self-taught.

I became a Pastor online, which means it’s legal but essentially worthless, although at the time I was so excited to officially be serving God that I naively believed in its spiritual validity. Hence I immersed myself for years in intensive study. I recklessly dove off the largest cliff in the world into God’s tempestuous waters, nearly drowning myself. Over time I learned to swim and understand the sometimes freezing, sometimes boiling, violent waters to eventually earn God’s approval to rightfully call myself one of His Pastors.

For only God can call you to Him, only God can sanction you to speak for Him. Man’s approval, or not, is meaningless.

I’m a philosopher in much the same way. No degree. No official approval. But nonetheless a philosopher because I was born one. A thinker and tinkerer of all things my whole life. I’m a philosopher because I ‘philosophize’ on deep, sincere, ethical and sophisticated levels. I’m one because I live my life wholly as such. I am one because I’m professionally one, as an artist, Pastor and writer. Likewise, I’m a writer because I write professionally.

None of these self proclaimed credentials suggests that I’m any good at this, just sincere and professionally motivated to share. My personal motivations are a given. I’m somewhat fractured into parts like Frankenstein’s monster with a pesky Jekyll and Hyde personality split. Who am I? I’m Robert Perez, who also happens to be a Pastor, Artist and Philosopher, somehow getting the three to work harmoniously for the same endeavors, even when they can seem contradictory by definition of purpose.

Alas, there’s much to discuss about God, culture, art, on and on. It’s never boring, that’s for sure, because you never quite know who’s speaking at any given moment.



Pastor Robert Perez is an Ordained Minister, as well as, a professional artist, photographer, director and writer.

To view the visual work of Pastor Robert Perez visit: Artist Robert Perez™

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