New Hope

Live with your soul being the first impression of yourself, over shadowing what you look like or your possessions, so to have people remark, “When we met, I was stuck first by their spirit!”

New Years Day Sermon – 2019


In the name of our Father, the living God, and the Son our Lord and Savior, and the Spirit that is Holy, by which which we receive the genuine force of Gods infinite and divine love, we give our humble selves.


The year is 2019, with two thousand eighteen years passed since the birth of Jesus.

What do we show for it?

Our hearts are still hard. Our minds still doubtful. Our souls are still wandering without direction.

Then it is now, when we must pause and take council with ourselves. We must ask:

What do we ultimately seek – the material world or Gods spiritual world?

Look around your place of existence. Many will say that it is all they need. Many will lust for more possessions. Many, too many, will see emptiness, not from lack of provision (although too many people suffer without), but emptiness of spirit. Many will not care at all.

We have grown accustom to secularism coupled with shoulder-shoulder religions, as if ultimately they’re one and the same. Is this how mans history is to conclude, with no real ending, just a quiet acceptance that all is OK as long as we agree to get along? Is there no more to existence than to be born, live, and die?

Inside each of us are the mechanics of our souls, unfortunately for most of us, lying dormant. I firmly believe that we all have felt it’s presence, even if only for the faintest of moments. Why not embark on the journey to have it manifested as the greatest part of ones self. Live with your soul being the first impression of yourself, over shadowing what you look like or your possessions, so to have people remark, “When we met, I was stuck first by their spirit!”

Our culture has spent considerably on self-help: books, videos, workshops, conferences, etc. Yet for over two thousand years one system has already been available to all, with nothing to purchase, no money needed, only requiring an open heart and the willingness to listen and learn. The promise fulfilled by this means is a soul that outshines the rest of ones being. For what do you gain by such an existence? You gain everything.

You say, “but I have all that I need”. You are wrong, because you are blinded by easy satisfaction. You are wrong, because nothing you actually posses matters, except to keep you falsely satiated whilst awaiting your own death. Such a waste.

When your soul is alive, you need nothing else, and all your possessions are extras. The falsehood spread by Gods enemy is that you must give up all that you possess in order to gain a fulfilled soul. No. This lie is spread in order to make you choose and the weak always choose what is easiest. The enemy knows this. You are being gathered into a tribe of wasted souls.

Ask yourself, do you believe in God?


Ask yourself, do you believe you have a soul?


Ask yourself, do you believe there is existence beyond our material lives on earth?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you must take action to develop your soul.

Year after year, people leave this earth with nothing except an empty suitcase. Begin now in 2019, by developing your soul. You will be fulfilled in a way you cannot imagine. You will see your provisions grow by Gods great goodness. You will make ready your future life as a living part of Gods universe.

I will not plead with you, but rather entreat you. A willful decision is on you to make for the betterment of your existence. In 2019, take time to ponder your truest self. My NEW HOPE is all will choose to allow God in and pursue the self-help plan that Jesus already gave us.


Father, we seek You. Father, we ready ourselves. Father, we know that by seeking you we receive all powers for infinite provision. Father, we seek you by following Christ, who laid the plan. Amen.

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