I Entreat You – Romans 10:14-15

We must rewrite what it means to be Christian for our modern age by dispelling with the old fashion, out-dated cultural notions of worship.

“14 How then will they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone preaching? 15 And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, ‘How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!’” – Romans 10:14-15 (ESV)

It’s fascinating how even when we are completely alone we can still feel shame and embarrassment and shyness when it comes to God, as if we’re somehow going to be found out for our thoughts and feelings.

Throughout the history of religion, Christianity included, we’re taught that we should have a public persona of worship. Included in that is the prevalent idea that if you don’t go to church you don’t really believe in God. Your public display of your position on God shows God, by being open about it to other people, that you’re serious and sincere. If you worship in private there must be something wrong. You must be ashamed of your belief in God.

Culture is married to worship and I propose this is the main reason why most people stay away from even thinking about God and Christ. The misconception is that you must adhere to the culture of worship if you want to join the party. Not so at all.

A persons desire and necessity for privacy is by no means a negation of their beliefs and heart. Take for example a philanthropist who does good deeds, but remains anonymous. Is their work less so because no one knows about it? Are they less favored or unnoticed by God because the people around them don’t know of their contributions to the community? Non-sense.

I entreat you to explore a relationship with God that is wholly yours. Private. Secret. Between you and God alone with Jesus as the conduit. Why? Because Jesus thoroughly simplified The Way. To help remove the influence of culture, make it easier for yourself by just buying a bible and slowly reading the New Testament. Get the information from the source with no filter or interpretation.

Absorb the ideas and you’ll find how universal they are. You’ll also discover how the life you live doesn’t work counter to your belief in God. You can still be a scientist, a doctor, an administrator, an artist, a construction worker, a mechanic, a student, a parent, a business person, etc. In other words, you can still be yourself (just a better version of your self).

Being in churches as part of a large group of like-minded people has it’s merits, for sure. I’m not against that what-so-ever. But my earnest endeavor is to reach those who won’t allow God in because they don’t want to be a part of a cultural institution, like a church. We must rewrite what it means to be Christian for our modern age by dispelling with the old fashion, out-dated cultural notions of worship. Perhaps, even the word “worship” should be abolished.

Worship can imply many negative connotations. For now, forget this word and replace it with “relationship” or “connection” with God. In your private world, keep exploring and feel the effects as God reads your sincere desire for Him. You’ll begin to experience a new union with Gods universe. It is nothing short of glorious…

In a future piece I will discuss in depth the crucial manifestation of a relationship with God and Christ that is wholly private. My point now is to encourage that practice as often as possible. Our belief systems are the most private parts of our selves. Few of us wear them on our sleeves, as the expression goes. With God it is no different.

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