A Pastor and an Artist?

I am one, with two modes of expressing truth as I see it.

I am a Pastor and I am an Artist. This confuses people of what my true nature is since they seem potentially at odds, as if one needs to proceed the other. I am both simultaneously with the two angels sitting on each of my shoulders. I am equally honest as both and do not hide, nor censor, either part of myself. Each speaks with full authority on whatever it wishes. They often argue and then reconcile, always vacillating ideas between them.

As a professional fine artist, I work full-time on my art and get paid for the sale of my work. This is how I make my living. I’ve been an artist since my mid-twenties, working in a similar manner throughout, that is mixed-media on wood and canvas combining abstraction and representation on various subjects.

As a Pastor, I receive no compensation. The power of God convinced me of His existence and called me to service. It is now my duty to share my understanding in the hope of inspiring other souls to connect. By no means am I conventional (I’m an artist, remember). If you read my writings you quickly discover that I shatter outdated ideas to bring a new understanding of God and Christ for todays modern men and women.

A question often asked is if my dual nature interferes with the development of each, either negatively or positively. Well, yes, and only positively. Every artist seeks truth, as cliched as that is. Every Pastor wishes to express truth, equally cliched. I am blessed that each side castes a watchful eye on the other, looking out for bulls—t. I’m very protective of both sides and wish never to relinquish one for the other. Although ultimately, I will never denounce God for art (but God will never ask me to).

I’ve been a professional artist nearly my whole adult life and a Pastor only a couple of years, as of this writing. I felt a dilemma for a long while about revealing each to the others audience. As an artist, can I tell people I’m a Pastor and still have them take my work seriously? As a Pastor, do I need to hide my “edgier self” so as not to offend the easily offended?

As the debate ensued, eventually I came to realize that I was wholly both with two modes of expressing truth using a now enhanced color pallet, hence more equipped for service.

In my truest heart, I wish Gods blessings on your whole life.

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