What the F? (Part 2 of 2)

There’s nothing funny about hate. There’s no humor in taking someone’s soul hostage with deceit.

Jesus said, “I told you so!”

No, what he really said was:

Jesus answered them, “See that no one leads you astray. For many will come in my name…”

Matthew 24:4 (ESV)

If you’re reading this without having read part one, take a moment to catch up.

Part 2 of 2

From the moment I came home that night I knew I was going to respond, somehow. For the longest time I had a task in my iPhone to write “Letter to the Prophet.” In it, I was going to break down all that was wrong with his sermon. My Pastor side wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt and reasoned that maybe he was once a good Pastor and lost his way.

It’s not often (but does happen) when people enter the service of God with ill intentions from the start. It’s usually over time that people lose their way.

I wanted to enter his heart and enlighten him on why his behavior and words were so hateful, deceitful and the work of the enemy, not the work of God. To me, it was obvious and should have been to him. I had to confront him. It was my duty to bring down the walls of hate.

I did try to find out who he was from the church, but they were evasive (or clueless). I never found out anything concrete.

So a few years later I chose to write a sardonic piece recalling the details of that nutty night to use it as an example of how screwed up the worship and spreading of Gods word can be.

You can’t expect rational people to embrace a circus like that, which means if that’s the face of Christianity, you’re only going to repel most people. The sad part is the vulnerable that do embrace it. Sincere in their hearts, but weak in their minds, they’re led to a cliff and made to jump off sacrificially.

The early church leaders tried to create a sound system of education and worship of God to ensure the freaks and evil doers would be exposed and eradicated from taking good people into their destroying fold.

Today, the same rights we cherish that protect freedom of worship and freedom of speech, not only protect our beautiful democracy, but they also protect people who spread hate and lies. It’s up to tiny blogs like mine, and small voices across the globe, to voice the counter argument in the hopes that better ideas can be spread.

The Prophet said he was going on a country wide “Embrace the Hate” tour to spread his word. Which is ironic enough, since he’s supposed to be spreading Gods word, not his own.

The Jesus Freak is dead, recently killed by brain cancer. He lived a life taking advantage of others in the guise of a do-gooder, and in the latter years, as a faux man-of-God, a phony Christ lover. He used doom-and-gloom and a preachers tone to hijack peoples money. It’s their own choice to give it up, so be it.

I don’t know if God took his life for his wrong doing, but I do know for fact, he didn’t save it.

We’re all guilty of sins. (I personally hate the “sin brand” of Pastoring.) Let me rephrase it: we’re all not perfect. I’m full of past mistakes and current ones. But if I can use myself as an example, I genuinely believe in God. I genuinely believe and follow Jesus. I genuinely strive to achieve better results from my self. Like a boxer that keeps getting knocked down (by my own mistakes), I get back up again and again, doing my best to finish each round.

What’s the takeaway from the night with the Jesus Freak and The Prophet? There are so many of them. I’ll let the readers make out the obvious. I had fun writing part one using wit and humor to illustrate the farce, but I need to remain more sober in part two. There’s nothing funny about hate. There’s no humor in taking someone’s soul hostage with deceit.

My ministry is not to bring you into my fold. I have no plans for a house of worship. I don’t expect followers. What I want…listen carefully…is for each and every individual to find God through Christ and blossom a personal and private relationship. Pastors are guides, nothing more. The best guides lead you to a genuine connection with God.

I hope to lead, even just one person, to the beginning of that path and give them the courage to continue on by themselves. You really only need one thing, the book. It explains it all. Just read it, it’ll change you.

Avoid the tourist trap worship like the one I experienced. Take the adventurous road to Christ. Begin with “I Believe” and just start walking. There’s ferocious animals out there, but you have Christ as your shield.

Mostly, there’s beauty, stunning beauty.

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Part One: A Night with the Jesus Freak & The Profit

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