Hump Day Messages (and some descipline required)

Hello God’s world…

Forgive my lapse of regular postings. I had some big unexpected changes in my life that have set me back for a period. As I am getting back on track, I want to make a commitment to posting twice a week (as best I can).

My regular writings, thus far, are thorough concepts on Christianity meant to instruct on various topics to illuminate the often confusing nature of Jesus’ teachings and how to understand them, as well as, how to incorporate them into a “genuine belief” to develop an actual connect with Gods universe.

Why understand something, but not actually experince it. This, I believe, has been the major failure of our spiritual leaders from the very beginning.

My goal now is a more traditional delivery of these writings (sermons, if you choose to think of them that way) in regular fashion on Sunday mornings. This way you can have an expection for them and know when they are coming, instead of randomly finding them.

On Wednesday’s, i.e. “Hump Day”, I want to try something new and write more informally. Just put some thoughts down and invite responses to grow our community and engage in a person-to-person manner.

Lookk for spelling and gramatical errors. Be aware that I will be wrting these in a quick conversational manner with little to no editing.

We are all human on this planet. Sharing this glorious celestaial space for a very very brief moment. As I try to be a better person with a stronger Spirit, let us connect and assist each other on that endeavor.

I welcome you into my world and look forward to an invitaion into yours.

God’s blessings on you and all around the world!


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