Staying or Going?

The biggest challenges for me as a Pastor are convincing non-believing people that God does exist, and then, guiding those willing to accept the journey to the right place to find God.

By Pastor Robert Perez

Let me jump right into this. This will be brief and to the point.

The prevalent rule today is people don’t need God; they need money. The media show us plenty of people who are successful and have money doing just fine without God. Because when you have money, you can successfully navigate life’s roads with the resources to command the forces for and against you along the way. God can’t pay the bills, only money can.

Isn’t money all we need? On the surface, the answer is yes that is all you need, and if you’re satisfied with that, move on.

Let us look at what it means to be human. You have a physical body and a mind. If you take care of yourself, you can reasonably expect to live healthily from childhood to old age. If you have money and you manage it well, you can have resources to take care of your needs for the duration. You’ll be healthy, live out your life and for the most part be worry free. Again, I’m going to make this easy on you by stating it once more, if you are satisfied with that, move on.

Why do some of us have this burning need inside us for more? Why do we care that more is even possible, if health and resources are good enough to get us through life?

I’m coming to accept that as much as it is my endeavor to see everyone reap the joys and elevated life of being connected to God, there will always be those who choose to reject it or even mock it. It is impossible to get everyone to believe. On top of that, many people who claim to believe have their heads stuck in the sand and accomplish nothing more than making themselves feel good. They are not really connected to anything other than the “culture of god”.

Preachers, Pastors, Priests, Holy Men, Shaman, and on and on, have used all kinds of tactics to convince man that they need to focus on God. They used fear, they used money, they used politics, they used force, they used manipulation, they used ignorance and imagination, they used flattery, they flaunted culture, and all kinds of art, snake oil, smoke and mirrors to convince or coerce man into believing in God, and most of the time not really caring if they do or don’t in the end. They just want to fill the pews, and till, once-a-week.

You will live and die on this earth, with or without money and health, and then it doesn’t matter anymore. You’ll be gone.

My appeal is to those who have that inexplicable feeling inside them that there is more than what we see with our eyes, more importantly, that “something more” is worth knowing.

I will not sell you something that you do not want. I will not convince the un-convincible. I will not persuade those who have made up their minds.

But, if you are the person who seeks knowledge of the world beyond money and material living, I can guide you to an exquisite place. Allow me to argue why God is the most important force in your life, whether you realize it or not. Let me show you how Jesus gave us The Way that leads to God.

I promise you, with my soul in the balance, I will not guide you to the wrong place. For those still with me, welcome to a new way of living. I will…I will…take you to God.

Artwork: Ben, 2004 – Charcoal and Pastel on .75 inch Plywood – 24 x 24 inches ©Artist Robert Perez

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